Budding Kalgoorlie-Boulder entrepreneurs are turning to home-based or small businesses to supplement their income.

A tight job market and depressed local economy has not scared households away from starting up their own businesses.

Small Business Centre Goldfields business adviser Gary Brown said he was fielding several enquiries a week from residents looking to get into the market.

He said many of these were for part-time enterprises woven around family and work commitments.

Mr Brown said having small business owners willing to take on risk was a positive sign for the local economy.

“Certainly some of these businesses that are talking about starting up are only going to be part time and can be run from home on a casual basis, ” he said.

“Some people have been out of work for some time and they think that maybe the only way to get going is to start their own business, rather than looking for employment.

“But it’s just showing encouraging signs that maybe people have got a bit more confidence in the local economy.”

The most common piece of advice Mr Brown gives to clients is the importance of developing a business plan to understand the competition and risks.

It is a process Jasmine Cirulis understands well, having done her homework as she works towards starting up a home business.

She has already produced a business and social media plan for her nascent jewellery business.

Ms Cirulis said she was just one of a new group of entrepreneurs trying to increase their income in a tight job market and boost the family’s security.

“Lots of people are looking for another way to make money and not have to work 40 hours a week, ” she said.

Her business sells Desert Diamond jewellery, sterling silver jewellery adorned with laboratory-produced diamonds.

Ms Cirulis said she saw the downturn in the local economy as a boost for her lower-priced products and planned to take a long-term view of the business.

“I’m going to start slow. Obviously I’m working so I don’t want it to explode straight away, ” Ms Cirulis said.


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