Want to give your waiter a reason to dislike you? Here are the top 10 rude behaviours, according to Perth’s top restaurant and bar owners and managers.

1. Don’t wave money or click your fingers when you want service. It’s rude in any circumstance but unacceptable in a restaurant.

2. If you can’t make it, call and cancel. No-shows cost restaurants real money. Besides, it’s just rude.

3. Don’t be a customer from hell. Be polite. Enjoy yourself. The staff are not your enemy.

4. The waitress is not coming on to you when she smiles. It’s her job. Hitting on the staff is not good.

5. Don’t show off by picking a fight with the waitress about how wrong her wine advice or food suggestions are. You might think you look like a sophisticate but you’re just a prat.

6. Get off the phone. Your incessant texting or tweeting is holding up the ordering process and it’s inconsiderate to your dining companions.

7. Nothing wrong with a waitress taking a photo if it’s a special occasion but your server has better things to do than take 15 photos from various angles.

8. Remember where you are. It’s just lunch. You’re not curing cancer, you’re dining. So lighten up.

9. A restaurant is not a creche. Waiters are not childcare workers.

10. Pick the restaurant that best suits your tastes. If, for instance, you are a hard-of-hearing pensioner with a penchant for Bach, don’t go to a hip restaurant and complain about the volume or the awful music.


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