Get your house in a state of tech-savvy lockdown since the much-anticipated Australian launch of the Kevo Smart Lock this month.

Homeowners will have access to revolutionary levels of convenience and security thanks to the system’s innovative smart-phone connectivity. The Kevo Smart Lock, by Kwikset, enables them to unlock their door, share keys with family, grant limited access to cleaners/guests, and much more — all with a simple tap of the finger.

Secure Bluetooth technology turns your smart phone into an eKey, as Kevo is able to sense when you have approached the front door via its intuitive Kevo smart-phone app. Then you can open the door with a touch of a finger, an elbow or even a hip. Through the app, homeowners also can securely email eKeys to family, friends, house guests or service people. The app even will inform you of when and which people have entered and exited your home, plus you can revoke a key or set a timeframe.

The Kevo Smart Lock is also able to be operated as a conventional keylock and you can instantly re-key the lock yourself, so there’s no need to replace the whole mechanism if you lose a key.

Kevo retails for $329 (RRP) and is available from Masters, Harvey Norman, Dick Smith, Apple Online, Betta Electrical and other home and electronics retailers around Australia.

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