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Our complete website, social media and content marketing solution for media companies, telcos and major publishers to license and sell to its advertisers and SME businesses

Looking for a powerful and complete digital solution for your SME customers without adding company overhead? Through our technology, our team can build websites that work, whatever device.

If you need an SME website solution that…

  • Isn’t going to take months to develop.
  • Looks good AND works well – not just one or the other.
  • Requires very little technical know-how on your behalf.
  • Doesn’t cost a fortune.
  • Integrates with Facebook.

Then, LocalConnect Design & Marketing Services can help!

The team at LocalConnect Design & Marketing Services will work closely with your SME customers adhering to your brand standards to ensure that we firstly understand their business needs so we can then deliver an affordable & professional website which meets their requirements and connects their site to our Facebook platform. And, all within a fortnight!

Web Dev devices

Websites are available in all Desktop, Tablet, and Mobile devices

What is a ‘website that works’?

We mean:

  • Your customers will be able to be found via search engines such as Google. This is because we’ll use Search Engine Optimisation when developing their websites.
  • It’s responsive to whichever device (e.g. mobile) your customers' clients are using to view their website so they don’t leave in frustration as they couldn’t read it easily.
  • The website is easy to navigate through so your customers' clients can follow a logical process when moving through your webpages.

Case Study and Testimonial

We encourage you read through one of our Australian media partner's case study and testimonial below for an example SME success story powered by our technology and built using Fetch Design & Marketing Services:

Oxygen Hair Specialists

Build a revised website that uses a professional design, is mobile friendly and allows clients to book online via a third party app.
Build a revised website that uses a professional design, is mobile friendly and allows clients to book online via a third party app.
Oxygen - All Devices
Oxygen - Mac
Oxygen - Macbook
Oxygen - iPad
Oxygen - iPhone


Tia - Oxygen

“I’m always recommending LocalConnect to customers, especially those with their own business.”

“The communication I’ve had with their customer service has been incredible – I’ve been able to call them whenever to discuss my website they’ve responded straight away. It’s great to build a relationship and speak with just one person- not being put on hold for ages or talking to 3 different people.

I’m getting lots of feedback regarding the style of my new website – it’s clean, fresh modern and sustainable and professional. Now all my marketing is consistent and I’m using the same branding across the new website – which the Team at LocalConnect helped me with too!

Everything was explained to me – plain and simple. I’ve now got a much better understanding of Facebook, websites and even how to use my computer!

They had my best interest at heart and were very personable.”

Tia Ogier,
Hair Salon Owner