About the Company

I have always had a passion for pets ever since I was very young. What go me into grooming is my own fur baby my dog Claira I wanted to do everything for her and learning how to groomer her was just one of the things I loved about owning a dog so i decided to do a course to learn the proper skills to groom her after my first taste of grooming i loved it so much and knew it was for me a year later i did a whole lot of work experience in the industry learning as much as i can. Then I got a job at a grooming salon through work experience and have been grooming ever since. I love it so much. I have been working in the pet grooming industry for 6 years and am a qualified groomer. I started grooming profanely in 2011 at a salon and have been grooming ever since. I now work at a Vets and work from home. I absolutely love my job.
I started my home grooming business in July 2014. So it has been open for about 3 years now. From humble beginnings to the business I have today.

Basic Information

Address: Elsie St GOSNELLS WA

Phone: 0437879514

Email: [email protected]

Site: https://bakerrhiannon.wixsite.com/devinepetgrooming


Tuesday - Wednesday 8AM-5PM

Friday - Saturday 8AM-5PM