About the Company

The philosophy of The Toy Workshop is very simple….

We want you and your children to enjoy good quality toys. Toys that bring back happy childhood memories. Toys like, Spinning Tops, Jack in The Boxes, Kaleidoscopes, Pop Guns, or just a bag of Wooden Blocks.

We want your toys to last and to give you smiles and happiness every time you play with them. We hope that some of our toys will encourage mum and dad and nan and pop to play and laugh together and most of all we hope that you remember where you got your toys and keep coming back for more.

Toys are more than simple amusement; they and the ways that they are used profoundly influence many aspects of life. Like play itself, toys serve multiple purposes in humans. They provide entertainment while fulfilling an educational role.

Toys enhance cognitive behavior and stimulate creativity. 

Basic Information

Address: 66 High St Berwick VIC

Phone: 0397961281

Email: [email protected]

Site: http://www.thetoyworkshop.com.au/


Monday - Friday 9AM-5PM

Saturday 9AM-2PM

Sunday 10AM-2PM