About the Company

Adorama Lighting is a family company which has a mission to bring the best range of affordable quality lighting available.

The team at the store do their very best in their efforts to give customers as many choices as possible by not only carrying a vast range of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) lighting but also carrying products that can offer a chance for customers to use their own creativity.

Along with other products, Adorama Lighting has a great variety of bases and shades along with table and floor lamp bases which can be matched or sold separately. They also offer a vast range of downlights and globes either in LED, halogen or fluorescent lighting. Their customers can also look forward to seeing a continuous range of new and innovative products.

As the business logo symbolizes, when visiting the store, one can expect warmth, friendliness and smiles as well as great service.

Basic Information

Address: 3/10 Dewar St MORLEY WA

Phone: 0892761489

Email: [email protected]

Site: http://www.adoramalighting.com.au/


Monday 9.30AM-5.30PM

Tuesday CLOSED

Wednesday - Thursday 9.30AM-5.30PM

Friday - Saturday 9.30AM-5.00PM

Sunday 11AM-5PM